A NOT so plastic-free, plastic-free July

Sooooo, I am giving blogging a try.

I think I might have something to share with cyber-space … but only if I don’t think about it too much.

Where better to start a limited waste – attempt at zero waste lifestyle – blog than in July right? Right …

So, last week Sunday, 1 July 2018, was the start of 2018’s Plastic-Free July. To be honest I was COMPLETELY unprepared for July to start in general, let alone prepared for a plastic-free one!

Alas, thank goodness for other blogs that send messages to my inbox (I am not a big social media subscriber, but more about that in a future post). I signed the pledge and decided to do the best that I could.

Of course, since I wasn’t prepared for Plastic –Free July, it goes without saying that it isn’t going to be exactly plastic free …

So, I laid out some guidelines for myself

  • I CAN finish anything that is wrapped in plastic IF it needs to be eaten or used up NOW.
  • When purchasing food, I need to find a plastic free alternative or simply do without.

Unfortunately I have broken both these guidelines this week, but here is to doing better next week …

Week one diary:

Well, in some aspects it has been tough. I am house sitting and am not in my own normal routine, which leads to vegging in front of the TV and eating unnecessary AND unhealthy ‘snacks’. I am also not around my own stuff and since I didn’t purchase the food myself, it was going to obviously be wrapped in plastic.

(I say obviously here, because very few people in my circle of friends are on the journey to limiting their plastic, never mind avoiding it. Recycling is becoming more and more of a norm, so that is a good start. I mean that’s where I started, so who am I to judge)

Proudly South African.jpg

I did purchase vinegar and salt wrapped in plastic since I needed to bottle some olives. However, I didn’t make the decision lightly. I ensured they were produced in South Africa (local is lekker). I also made the choice based on future savings (bottling my own olives is going to save money and plastic in the future). I could have purchased a wine vinegar in a glass bottle, but the cost was three times the amount and it wasn’t a South African product.


My first attempt at bottling my own olives

Changes for the coming week:

I am moving houses this coming week and with that will come other people’s plastic purchases.

(I choose not to waste, before I choose to reject plastic. That is IF the product has already been purchased and the only other option will be landfill)

I will be stronger in resisting the urge to eat junk food (let’s be honest, it’s processed and is not going to go off in a week).

This coming week’s project is going to be to make my own yoghurt, this will definitely go a long way to not buying yoghurt packaged in plastic in the future.



Week ones plastic and non-plastic waste

Plastic that needed to be used

  • x1 2l milk bottle
  • x1 1l yoghurt container
  • x1 500g butro container
  • x2 packets apples came in
  • x1 baby spinach packet
  • x1 netted onion bag
  • x1 mince packet
  • x1 packet rusks came in
  • piece of sticky plastic from an appliance
  • x2 bread tags
  • small piece of plastic from some frozen veg
  • x1 plastic from old used glass bottle

Plastic that I purchased

  • x1 2l milk bottle
  • x2 1l grape vinegar (there weren’t any 2l bottles at the store)
  • x1 1kg packet of course salt

Plastic that should have been avoided

  • x3 chocolate wrappers
  • x3 packets from microwave popcorn (it was expired, does that count in my favour?)
  • x1 125g chip packet
  • x2 cappuccino sachets
  • x1 coffee bottle seal
  • x1 plaster
  • x1 ear bud
  • x1 tampon wrapper

Non-plastic waste

  • x1 toilet roll
  • grass type ribbon
  • x2 glass bottles
  • x3 small cardboard boxes
  • x1 glass beer bottle
  • x1 metal beer bottle cap


5 thoughts on “A NOT so plastic-free, plastic-free July

  1. This is really insightful! I hope you continue sharing your thoughts and experiences about this very important cause. Added your blog to my reading list 😊

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